35. Once AUIer, Always AUIer

I have been scrolling through my social media the past two days and all that I have been seeing was the pictures of Al Akhawayn University's 22nd commencement ceremony.
My friends, their friends, their families, their loved ones ...
It reminded me of myself one year ago, in the exact same place.  
After four long years of hard labor, bitter coffees, illimited hot salty tears, tight deadlines, tough individual and group projects, tens of papers and thousands of words, a magical moment happened.  The moment I was holding the Tunisian red beautiful flag walking through the gymnasium where the ceremony was held, where hundreds of proud parents were impatiently waiting to hear their children's names graduating and where the AUI experience was about to end for some of us.  

I could remember holding my tears in public just to avoid the panda eyes because of the mascara.  I could see myself in 2014, as a freshman, discovering and exploring the world of academia.  I could see myself l…

34. Started from the bottom, now we're back there!

It's been almost three months since the last time I published a review on this blog. 
Three months looking for inspiration everywhere in Tunisia: Cafés, public parks, my bedroom, even the bathroom ... until I went (back) to Morocco on the third week of April and lived a very unusual experience. Inspiration is now back for a life-lesson story. 

I worry too much about the security of the protagonists of my story so I will not mention any names nor any details that could reveal their identities ... and you will know the reason later.

I have received tens of messages from my old and new friends on social media asking me what was I doing in Morocco the last two weeks. I was unable to answer because I did not have enough energy to explain the whole story and give all the details in order to have a coherent narrative but now, the final episode is out! 

FYI, I am not writing this to spread hate or to show how angry I am, but I am writing this to share a very meaningful life lesson I have rece…

33. "Amour et Sexe au Maghreb" - Enquête Exclusive sur M6

C'est avec beaucoup d'amertume et de dégoût (surtout) que je me retrouve en train de commenter un film documentaire diffusé sur une des chaînes télévisées francophones les plus regardées et les plus connues en Tunisie: M6. Un épisode de la série "Enquête Exclusive" qui s'intitule "Amour et Sexe au Maghreb". Il comporte plusieurs parties qui visent à analyser le comportement des sociétés au Maroc et en Tunisie vis-à-vis de tout ce qui tourne autour du sexe : coït hors-mariage, homosexualité, virgnité etc. Techniquement, le documentaire a bien été filmé, les angles de prise ont minutieusement été choisis, le montage a été soucieusement fait, Bernard De La Villardière a soigneusement été habillé, maquillé et coiffé, mais en tant que Tunisienne, le contenu m'a bien choquée et m'a laissé sans-mot-dire ! Je parlerai plutôt pour la section qui concerne la Tunisie. Voici les points qui m'ont marquée le plus:

Au café des égoïstes

Les jeunes hommes r…

32. Thank you, Morocco

For those who don't know my story, this is the moment to share with you one of my most powerful and unforgettable life chapters:


I first landed in the kingdom on the 27th of August 2014, wow .. this is a long time ago now!
I still remember the date because I went through many emotions at the same time:
😢sad because I was leaving my home country Tunisia,
🙋happy because I was travelling,
☺️excited because I was finally going to university.

At that time, I had a friend who helped us with the airport assistance and finding a "grand taxi" to continue our trip to Ifran, where Al Akhawayn University is located.

My mom and I were completely mesmerized by the beauty of the Moroccan landscapes we saw on our way to Ifran but also and more importantly VERY TIRED!

Since I come from a tiny country, I felt that travelling from Casablanca to Ifran was a trip with no end. Many many ... many hours later, we finally arrived at our hotel called "Michlifen". My mom and…